We input data quickly so that it is as relevant as possible for you.

We hope we minimise errors, but many possible errors can occur, for instance we could accidentally delete a row in our spreadsheets, which causes all data to be out of sync, prices could reference to the wrong column, date format could be read incorrectly, our spreadsheets may temporarily break etc.

We perform reasonability checks on our data, but errors can occur and we are not liable for reliances placed thereon. 

Data is provided "as is."


We are data-driven and therefore medical reliance should not be placed on our data.

We may update these terms from time to time

Please inform of errors (use the chat function to email us or forms in about us)

You can ask us to quote for a custom report

  • We can perform more rigorous analysis on data in a cancer type, category or company.

  • we can prepare reports showing data that we already have on our database (complete responses, duration of response, progression-free-survival, adverse events etc.)